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Class of 2024 Graduation Packet

Principal's Message

March 7, 2024

Dear Graduates:

We are approaching one of the most important and memorable days of your lives. Congratulations on all of your hard work in meeting the graduation requirements of Prairie View High School. We have held you to high expectations and you have risen to the challenge of those expectations. You have made us extremely proud of your many accomplishments and dedication to Prairie View and the values our community represents.

In a growing tradition, our ceremony has been meticulously planned to be formal and dignified. Graduation is one of only a few formal ceremonies in your lifetime and we work hard to honor that for you and your families. Your cooperation and support in maintaining these high standards set forth by the staff and your student body officers is appreciated. It is important that you are willing to adhere to all of the ceremony guidelines and expectations. This ceremony is for all of you and will represent what incredible young people you all are.

Graduation day marks an end of a chapter in your lives but also begins a new story as you go out into the world and define your own path. We trust that you will be great in whatever adventures you embark upon. Know that you will always be Thunderhawks and that you have the love and support of your school. Once a ThunderHawk, always a ThunderHawk.


Steve Shelton
Prairie View High School

Before Graduation

Graduation Ceremony

Maps & Diagrams

overhead diagram of parking options around cu events center
overhead diagram of parking with lot 420 marked as graduates and staff entrance
overhead diagram of seating sections in cu events center
overhead diagram of walk paths for processing into graduation ceremony
overhead diagram of walk paths for students to receive diplomas
overhead diagram of walk paths for recessing out of graduation ceremony